PLN price to words  1.1
Function converts price in PLN given as a number to a word
Function documentation


Function converts price in PLN from number to words.

It is written in C, it doesn't need any additional libraries.


Function sources can be downloaded here:

Main files are pln_price.h and pln_price.c

Sample code how to use this function:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include "pln_price.h"
int main(void)
char result[500] = "";
double d_price = 123456789.01;
int64_t i_price = (int64_t)(d_price * 100.0);
pln_price_txt_double(d_price, result);
printf("result:%s\n", result);
pln_price_txt(i_price, result);
printf("result:%s\n", result);
return 0;

This code can be found in file price_example.c

Example price: 123456789.01

Result: sto dwadzieścia trzy miliony czterysta pięćdziesiąt sześć tysięcy siedemset osiemdziesiąt dziewięć złotych 1/100

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